Bromo and Its Wonder
Bromo Mount

Sunrise is one of the most beautiful creations of Allah SWT that Rancupid and team like when we travel anywhere. Especially in Bromo at that time, the sun began gradually greeting us and illuminating the entire Mount Bromo which was very thick fog. Subhanallah, its beautiful.


Jeep driver said, the view of Bromo illuminated by the morning sun was actually normal. What was extraordinary that day was the fog was so thick that it made us seem to be in the country above the clouds with the peaks of the mountain of Bromo and other mountains rising from the thick fog.

Last year, Rancupid and team went to bromo but there was no view as beautiful as this because there was no fog at all. Alhamdulillah, We still given the opportunity to enjoy the scenery that made us look so youthful.

After 2 hours enjoying the scenery, Rancupid and team went down from Bukit Cinta (Pananjakan 2). There were participans who wanna pee so Rancupid and team gave them time to looking for nearly rest room. The participants said that the rest room was expensive because they must to pay 5000 per person. Finish from the toilet, we returned to the Jeep and started to go down. There is one more place where the view is very beautiful and we ask the Jeep driver to stop for a while just to take a photo. From here a very thick fog looks very beautiful.

To pursue time, we went down to  the foot of Mount Bromo. This was the first experience Rancupid and team since last year it couldn’t do down because the mountain was active. Thank God, the Mount Boromo area was safe so we went down to the foot of the mountain with sand by a Jeep where the fog was still thick. Left and right look nothing and our eyesight was very short because of the fog. Jeep can not go fast because the driver were afraid of bumping into people who aren’t seen in the fog. Well, I will write a story in Bromo point to point to be representable.

  1. Mount Bromo Crater

Rancupid and team arrived at the Jeep parking lot and there were so many handlers who offered us to ride a horse to the Bromo crater. Because already tired of walking, we paid Rp 100.000 to ride a round-trip by horse. The distance from the jeep parking to Bromo carter is 2 km and the trek up also down, so decided paid for horse was a good choice.

Riding a horse was so scary for us who never use it actualy. The handler always near us and always calm me by saying “Its okay just relax and enjoy the riding”. When riding a horse, we actualy me as the part of rancupid team felt like I want to fall to the right or sometimes want to fall to the left.

Bromo Mountain

At the foot of the crater, the horse was parked and we continued to walk up the dozens of steps to the Bromo crater. Looking at the stairs made us already tired but we must go up to Bromo crater. Slowly but sure we step the stairs. The stairs really high so we step, break, step again and break again until reach the crater.

Bromo mountain

During we climbed the stairs, we listened to a loud bang from inside the crater which indicated that crater active. The sound like a bomb and really scary. Even scarier when we arrived at the crater and looked inside the creater, my knees were instanly weak and my legs suddenly couldn’t move, so trembling. There was a sense of fear that it would fall into the crater because the sound of a very creepy crater. The crater fence was not too high (the fence was quite high in the past) the effect of last year Mount Bromo spewed lava and sand. The sand hoarded the fence so it sank halfway.

Bromo mount

We tried to walk to the right side of the crater but there were too many people. So we decided to go to the left a few steps but suddenly our legs were frozen because we saw there was no fence around the mouth of the crater.

Finally Rancupid and travel team came down from the mouth of the crater because our legs tremble continuously. While waiting for he other participants we got photos from above because the scenery was very beautiful.

Arrived at the horse parking lot, Rancupid and team went straight up and decided to wait for the other participants near the Jeep. Another horror story was riding horse on a downhill road from the mouth of the crater. It felt like want to fall and the horse hadlers always told us to relax but can’t. How we could relax if the horse just like to take we away.


Oh ya, there was other absurd events. The horse of a participant immediately stood up and bit right arm of the other participant. The participant was shouted and shock because the horse bit her. Only a few minutes the bruising hand get better and ready to continued to explore Pasir Berbisik of Bromo Mountain.

2. Pasir Berbisik

The history of the name of Pasir Berbisik (whispering sand) Bromo Mountain was due to the popularity of a film by Garin Nugroho starring by Dian Sastro titled Pasir Berbisik. Berbisik mean whisper, why whisper? Because in this place if the wind is blowing hard, the roar of the wind will carry grains of sand so that it sounds like it is whispering something. The whispers will be heard clearly during dry season which makes this desert very dry. Sand and dust rise all if blown by the wind.

Pasir berbisik was the coolest place if you want to race a Jeep or Ranger type car because it was so far as far as the eyes could see. Especially if the drive was fast, follow-up sand rises upward as the wheel of the car rotates. This place was also one of the coolest locations to take photos.

We didn’t do much activity in Pasir Berbisik beside took photos. The trip continued to Bukit Teletubbies.

3. Bukit Teletubbies

The expanse of light green grasslands and beautiful lined hills overgrown with grass covered the hills just like in the Teletubbies movie. That’s why it called Bukit Teletubbies, Bukit mean hill.

Teletubbies hill was very amazing with the savanna below it makgrae this location become an important destination for photographers. In fact this location often become prewedding spot photo because the situation was indeed romantic and charming. If you want to explore the hills, you could rent horse.

What do you think of Mount Bromo? Very good view isn’t it. If you are in Malang, don’t forget to schedule a trip to Mount Bromo you won’t regret the view. Around 9.30, we finished the trip and returned to the Jeep.

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